Hello. I’m Bonnie Craig, a UK-based visual artist and designer working mainly with pattern and print.

I create large-scale pieces, such as installations in public spaces, and small-scale pieces, such as one-off prints. I use pattern in my work to draw attention to the sometimes overlooked details in nature, buildings, books and all sorts of other things.

I love to screen-print, and also work with paint, collage, markers, lasercut paper/wood/other bits and bobs, textiles, applied vinyl and sometimes just a good-old pencil.

Research (finding things out) and process (how I make things) are both important in my work, which means I’m constantly taking photos, making notes and trying to order my thoughts.

The question ‘What if…?’ is what drives me, and I’ll often find myself on an unexpected tangent or making a new piece out of the offcuts of something else.

I’m inspired by a confusing combination of neat, minimal, systematic design, extremely complex, decorative patterns and big, free, gestural work, and out of all this comes my own interpretation of pattern. Please have a look round my site to find out more about what I do.